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Family Talking

Adolescent Social Skills Group

Facilitated by Amanda Norminton, M.A., LPC-Intern

Contact: AMANDA at or (832)271-7780




Co-Ed ADHD/ADD Social Skills and Leadership Group, Ages 9-12


Facilitated by Mary Ann Sartori, M.A., LPC-S, LCDC-Intern

Doctor of Educational Leadership


     Using concepts from research-based programs, such as Why Try?, Kids Connection, and Challenge Course, participants work together to build a sense of

belongingness, increase self confidence, improve social skills and problem solving, raise self awareness, and learn what it takes to earn freedom, opportunity, and

self respect. The major message of the group is"I am likable, unique, valuable, and capable; I have people who care about me; I can reach my goals; I will make safe and healthy

decisions; and I believe I am worthwhile." Experiential learning activities and Why Try? pogramming allow participants to learn and practice leadership skills. Using behavior

modification contracting and "group promises" generated by class participants, group members practice sills and behaviors needed to be successfuin the classroom setting.

Curriculum is research based. 


Next Group - Start Date Based on Demand - 8 Weeks

Closed Group -- Cost: $35 per session 

Cash, Check, and Credit Card Payment

Call Mary Ann at 281-748-0233


Boys' Social Skill Group,  Age 12-14

     This group is designed for boys entering 7th Grade. Topics will include making the transition from intermediate

to junior high, tips for success, social skills, and leadership skills.


Next Group - Start Date Based on Demand - 8 Weeks

Closed Group -- Cost: $35 per session 

Cash, Check, and Credit Card Payment

Call FYI at 281-719-5539 


Infertility Support Group, Adult


Facilitated by Amanda Koenig-Reed, M.A., LMFT

Led by one who has "walked-the-walk," this Infertility Support Group is designed to help support those who are struggling to have a child. Women, men,

and/or couples experiencing difficulty conceiving and those who have experienced miscarriage are invited to attend. This group provides a nurturing, supportive

environment where participants can share their experience, strength, and hope with others.


Next Group  ==  Start Based on Demand

Open Group -- Cost $35 per session

Cash, Check, and Credit Cards Accepted

Call Amanda at 832-577-1433 



Co-Dependent Alcohol/Substance Abuse Support Group

 Facilitated by Mary Ann Sartori, Ed.D., M.A., LPC-S, LCDC-Intern

Worried about someone's alcohol or substance use? Learn to be happy ONE DAY AT A TIME!

 _ _ _

Group 1: Youth (10-13)

Group 2: Adolescent (14-18)
Group 3: Adult (19+)


Next Group -- Start Date Based on Demand

Open Group -- Cost: $35 per session

Cash, Check, and Credit Card Payment


Call Mary Ann at 281-748-0233


Adolescent Mental Health Group


Facilitated by Denise Sartori-Garcia, M.A., LPC, LMFT-S



Adolescents working to overcome mental health conditions often need someone who understands to listen to them and share experience, strength, and hope. 

This group provides safe place where people can have support while managing symptoms, learning different ways to cope, and gaining knowledge about their condition.


--Next Group - Begins October 7, 2013

Open Group -- Cost: $35 per session

Cash, Check, and Credit Card Payment

Call Denise at 281-748-0781



Youth and Adolescent Counseling

Using a systems approach to counseling, adolescents and youth work with their families to find creative solutions for mastering challenges they encounter in daily living. 

Families with children acting out behaviorally often find that everyone in the family must support them in their efforts to change. We believe no child wants to fail, feel sad, or disappoint others. We help children find keys that unlock doors to success and happiness.



Women's Issues Counseling

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